Multisensory Series #1 – Colour

Colour and its use is always carefully considered in the work Nock does in OOH, experiential and in-store environments. Not only as it relates to attention-grabbing calls to action, but also the subtler conveyancing of key ideas and engendering of certain emotions.

Different colours can elicit specific moods. As such, the strategic employment of colour can be used to set the tone and influence users’ behaviour, whilst amplifying the crucial elements of a campaign.

Below is an image from an experiential campaign we activated for Al Jazeera, making subtle use of the colour orange in order to convey a sense of innovation, thought leadership and ideas.

Whether enticing certain demographics or positively affecting mood, simply drawing the right kind of attention or creating lasting memories; the choice and use of colour should be given as much thought as the choice of fonts and pictures.

Here’s an interesting infographic (courtesy of Alternatives Finder) explaining how colours can influence purchasing behaviour:

Infographic - square colour

Further reading: How the Human Brain Experiences Your Brand by Chris Bolman.