Multisensory Series #2 – Scent

When it comes to emotion, our sense of smell is arguably the most important.  It plays a pivotal role in everything from the joy associated with the flavour of what we eat and drink to the majority of emotions we feel on a daily basis. Our sense of smell is able to foster and trigger vivid memories, steering our behaviour in ways we’re often unaware of.  This begs the question, why aren’t we communicating through this powerful and yet vastly underrated channel of communication?  Well, at Nock, we do.

In OOH, something as simple as a Scented 6 Sheet can bring a powerful added dimension to an advertisement that is usually a solely visual experience.  One doesn’t have to understand the theories behind olfactory marketing to appreciate that a person is far more likely to be engaged by and subsequently act on an ad that allows them to smell the product being promoted, as opposed to simply gazing at it.  However, such product congruent scenting is only a taste of what’s possible.

Through a thorough, ever-growing understanding of the interplay between flavour, fragrance and people’s perceptions, Nock has been able to turn experiential marketing campaigns into deeply immersive activations that draw crowds of users, engage them on a fundamental level and keep them interested for just the right amount of time; leaving them with a truly treasured, ingrained multi-sensorial memory of the brand as well as its products and services.  

For example, when Microsoft pivoted Office 365 from a product to an on-the-go service and needed to communicate this to the public, a 4-zone experience was created to promote the notion of using it at home, in the office, outdoors and whilst travelling.  As great as the curated physical and visual elements were, what really made the experience immersive was a series of bespoke soundscapes (more on these in another post!) and even subtler scentscapes; cultivating a real sense of each environment that communicated with visitors to the stand on a subconscious, emotional level.

As you go about your day, keep in mind what you’re smelling and how those myriad scents make you feel.  And the next time you want to engage users on an emotional level, give us a call.

Here’s a little infographic (courtesy of Alternatives Finder) explaining how fragrance and flavour can influence purchasing behaviour: