Ain’t no party like a Wi-5 enabled Xmas party

It’s that time of year again and for many of us, December means looking forward to the work Christmas party.  If getting drunk on the company dollar, telling your boss what you really think of them, copping off with a co-worker, photocopying your arse and then being unable to see straight enough to order an Uber is your idea of fun, then you’ll be wanting to ensure your favourite tipple is being served so that you can get suitably merry.

Although the good folk at Ogilvy Healthworld UK are far too sensible to ruin their livers with idiotic drinking games, they still realise the importance of getting the refreshments right, and so were delighted at the prospect of having a say and being able to vote for which drinks would be served at their Christmas party.  We installed a Wi-5 network in their London offices so that staff could not only vote with their smartphones (without need of an app, download or active Internet connection), but see the results displayed on various screens around the building in realtime.

UPDATE: Sadly, despite us clocking up a good number of votes for snowballs and Baileys during the install, the classic gin & tonic won through, many of which we hear were consumed at the party.

Merry Christmas everybody!