Gel Lyte launch

To celebrate the launch of the Asics Gel Lyte 111, Nock designed, developed and delivered a life size 8-bit game, in homage to the thriving Japanese arcade scene of the 1990s.

The experience was modelled on the world famous 渋谷会館モナコ (Shibuya Kaikan Monaco) game centre, one of the oldest arcades in Tokyo.  Upon entering the arcade, VIP guests were gifted a pair of Gel Lyte 111s, which granted them access to the real-life in-game arcade experience.  Each user’s minute-long journey was captured and, using green screen technology, inserted in realtime into the 8-bit platform game created specifically for the event.  The objective of the game was to run down a Tokyo city street, avoiding multiple obstacles whilst grabbing gold coins.  A live feed of the game play, featuring the composited-in player, was relayed via screens to the rest of the arcade.

Upon exiting the experience, users received an edited and branded video of them in action to share online.




The gel lyte in-game experience