V Festival

Working alongside the Carling Team once more, Nock was tasked with creating two simultaneous standout visual experiences for its flagship bars at V Festival North and South. We designed, programmed and delivered over 48 hours of fully responsive and dynamic VJ content, live (!), across two custom-built, high resolution, 15m wide digital screens.

Due to the unique demands of the project, a bespoke solution was required.  Over the course of the Summer, a custom VJ interface was programmed to run live and scheduled content on the screens; including tailor-made CGI animations, live tweets from festival-goers, animated GIFs from a couple of photo booths and preprogrammed brand idents.

In between all this, we helped Carling show off its football credentials by displaying half- and full-time scores along with details of all goals within seconds of each being scored.  No mean feat with up to 6 matches being played simultaneously!  To bolster engagement, our live Twitter feed also displayed match-related competition questions, answers and winners.  Not forgetting we were at two of the UK’s largest music festivals, our screen also provided reminders of when acts were appearing on stage, as well as posing music- and V Fest-related questions, giving those in attendance the opportunity to win even more prizes.

Given the high profile nature of the activity, various redundancies and failsafes were required, insuring 100% uptime and realtime moderation of user generated content from a selection of social media feeds.  All this ran in the background, managed by our 9-strong team, whilst revellers filled the bars below, creating what were arguably the best parties and friendliest atmospheres at V Festival North and South.




V Festival





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