The Perfect Temperature

Twinings, the quintessentially English marketer of tea, carried out a survey which showed that nearly three quarters of the UK population enjoy a cup of tea as their first drink of the day, with a third of them making tea first thing in the morning. However, Twinings found that over a fifth of participants admitted to regularly forgetting about said cup of tea and accidentally letting it go cold amid the morning chaos.

Nock agreed with Twinings’ PR agency, Cohn & Wolfe, that this simply wouldn’t do, and set about creating a bespoke mug that just might revolutionise the British breakfast.
For its first ever #IoTea project, Nock designed and built a range of bespoke Perfect Temperature mugs, which come replete with a raft of sensors that alert users when their tea reaches ideal drinking temperature, revealed by Twinings to be between 60°—68°C.  Rather than a tired beep!, the mugs play a rendition of Sophia Loren’s Bing! Bang! Bong!, ensuring nobody need ever suffer the indignity of a cold cuppa ever again!



The Perfect Temperature


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