PAX 360° video launch

Nock was invited to create and deliver a world’s first for YouTube at the PAX East. A live green-keying experience was created for fans to green screen themselves into 360° computer generated game environments alongside YouTube celebrity vloggers. Each in-game experience was uploaded to YouTube’s brand new 360° channel giving fans the opportunity to share their gaming moments across their social networks, spreading the news of 360° video to their inner circles and beyond.

If you’ve recently bought a 360° camera like the Bublcam, Ricoh Theta, Dot , you’ll be able to upload its output to YouTube’s platform, allowing audiences to watch your footage, whilst panning up, down and side to side.  The ability to record in 360°, rather limiting viewers to a single fixed-focus shot, makes it far more engaging and immersive experience and one which highlights YouTube’s commitment to exploring innovative new formats.




PAX East