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When Prask started 76msma in September 2010, it was to raise the bar in IxD through technical innovations in multisensory and maker media.

Four years later, 76 evolved into Nock. As the team grew, so increased the quality and scope of the the immersive and interactive user experiences we were delivering, successfully blurring the boundaries between the on- and offline. We won awards and made a lot of friends in the marketing and advertising industry.

In 2015, a technology Prask had been tinkering with for years changed status from pet project to incorporated company, and Wi-5 was officially born. In its nascent stage, we were comfortable running both companies in tandem, but towards the end of 2016, our side hustle was already showing signs of outscaling Nock. By Spring 2017, it had become clear where priorities should lie and a decision was made to wind down Nock and scale up Wi-5.

So that's where you'll find us today. Still winning awards, still making friends.

On behalf of Nock, to anyone and everyone that helped along the way: thank you.