Al Jazeera:
Hear the Human Story

Al Jazeera English has made a virtue of putting real people on its billboards and television commercials rather than its own star presenters and correspondents.  The channel’s new brand campaign is its largest marketing push to-date, headed by the slogan, Hear the Human Story.  At Al Jazeera English, the belief is that humanity should always be reflected in its reporting, so it took 6 human interest stories from around the world, realised through beautifully photographed images emblazoned across 10 light boxes at St Pancras Station, London.
Each of the photographs came with a soundtrack, narrated by the corresponding image’s chief subject.  In order to truly bring each of these stories to life, Nock audio-enabled the light boxes so that to trigger the playback of the stories, a microphone mounted on the side of each light box had to be picked up and pointed at the image, as if the user were interviewing its subject.  At this point, an inaudible signal played back through a directional speaker overhead was detected by the microphone, initiating the audible playback of the story, again through the directional sound projection.
“We believe everyone has a story worth hearing. There are seven billion people to listen to on the planet right now. Al Jazeera exists to cover the people often ignored; people whose voices must be heard – but who are often neglected by mainstream media.” – Al Anstey, Managing Director of Al Jazeera English

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Hear the Human Story


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