Tablet Piano

In December 2015, Samsung unveiled the world’s first piano made entirely of tablets to showcase its latest device, the Galaxy Tab S2, and bring Christmas alive with its cutting edge technology.

The innovative piano, nicknamed the tablettoforte, featured 112 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets.  6 of these made up a fully functioning 88 key ‘keyboard’ with the remainder acting as the body of the instrument, displaying  pre-programmed Christmas animations.  Using the Galaxy Tab S2’s wireless connectivity, these festive videos were mapped across a total of 106 tablets in 5 planes of orientation to turn the entire structure into a fully functioning video wall.

A gloriously looking piano is all well and good, but how did it sound?  A beautifully realistic audio experience was created through a suite of pro audio equipment housed within the instrument, including a USB interface, 15-band stereo graphic equaliser, 200W power amplifier and two 100W magnetostrictive speakers.  The speakers themselves were affixed to the internal rear wooden framework, audio enabling it and converting the entire structure into a stereo speaker.  This helped to create an incredibly realistic audio experience as the wooden structure resonated just like the soundboard of a traditional piano.

The piano also came complete with our innovative new mobile engagement technology, Wi-5-5, with the new, patent-pending platform providing passersby with a £50 discount on the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

The activity was incredibly well received, with Conor Pierce, Vice President of IT & Mobile at Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland commenting; “Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 has been designed for consumers who want a tablet that is ultra slim and lightweight; ideal for helping them explore new content wherever they are, even if that means right in the middle of the bustling Spitalfields market.”




Samsung Tablet Piano


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